A Place For…

What would you like to do here? Frisbee? Lunch? Conference?

Drawn thinking about places mentioned in Alain de Botton’s works.

YK 2019.


The Creative Momentum

A mural in Montréal. The book the writer is standing on is titled:

“L’Élan Créateur”
(The Creative Momentum)

and next to the book, it reads:

“Celui qui va pensif, voit les choses, les nomme…”

which, according to Google, means:

“The one who goes thoughtful, sees things, names them…”

(poem by Albert Ferland)

I’m visiting for CogSci 2019 – Montréal feels like Tribeca, albeit more spacious and French.


YK 2019.

Sketched at Drink & Draw at The Museum of Classical Archaeology; coloured afterwards.

According to the caption:

it used to be believed that this … satyr [is] tapping a foot clapper … to encourage a nymph … to join him dancing. This theory is now doubted. … A wide range of dates have been given by different scholars … perhaps shorty before 100 BCE is the most likely.


2019 by EK.

As promised, here’s my daughter’s take on the theme, “Home.” As you can see, her view of moves is quite different from mine. In the label she wrote:

I wanted my toys to have an adventure, like the toys in Toy Story. I got the idea of the caravan from the book, “Little House On the Prairie”. I thought this was good for the Home Exhibition because a caravan is like a moving home.

“Home” Art Exhibition Open!

I’m glad to tell you that I had two of my pieces accepted at “Home” Art Exhibition. It’s held to support refugees and homeless people, and today we had a reception. It was inspiring and humbling to see works and performances of refugees themselves, as well as other artists.

As of my works, first, thanks for your support while I was submitting them. The gibbons didn’t make it, but my earlier works on experiences of moving home did. Here are the pieces, and the accompanying labels:


Lawful Evacuation

I drew it when we were notified that we had to leave our first home in this country after only a few months, without our wrongdoing. The objects drawn were in our living room at the time. They sat there, peaceful and harmonious, but I felt like they were thrown into a sea of uncertainties.



Grandma Comfy Ready to Move

To me, moving often feels like starting a new life, and ending the old one. The latter loomed large when we had to move against our will. We had to disassemble our beloved “Grandma Comfy”, a recliner we are attached to. She looked like a luggage and we felt sorry to her.

On our moving day, Grandma Comfy looked as if she was taking a nap. She was sitting there as if she was fine. She looked ready for her next life, to greet us again, in our new place.


I was also happy that my daughter’s work was also accepted, and you will see from her work that she had a quite different perspective about the moves than mine. I will post about it soon!