Perfect Day for Gloves / 장갑 필요한 날

(Pencil & pastel on paper & digital, 2017)

I went out to get my daughter a pair of gloves. I knew there was a cart in front of Whole Foods.

“A perfect day for gloves.”

“It is.”

I handed him seven dollars. He handed me the gloves. With his hands bare.

딸아이 장갑을 사주러 나섰다. 홀푸즈 수퍼마켓 앞에 수레가 있는 걸 봐 두었었다.

“장갑 하나 꼭 필요한 날이죠.”


아저씨께 7불을 건네드렸다. 아저씨가 장갑을 건네주셨다. 맨손으로.


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loves drawing surreal everyday objects.

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