Study for “Return”, All 3 Versions / “귀환”을 위한 습작, 3가지 모두


Study for “Return” – 3 / “귀환”을 위한 습작 – 3. Pencil on paper, 2017

Here I put a branch instead of a whole tree, to save space for the deer. So now the deer is big again (although drawn tentatively here, just to see the arrangement), and the tree is definitely upside down. However, the tree is small and looks weak. So it doesn’t really look like there was a big flood.

One progress was that I made the tree to be drifting, rather than hanging from its root. That removed the burden to explain where the tree is hanging from (see Study 2 below for the awkward cliff). Perhaps in the next version I will make the tree big again and drifting.

Now these are all 3 versions I recently made. Which one do you like better? How do they feel different from each other, if at all? I’m curious.

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 11.53.59 PM.png

Studies 1, 2, and 3 in order.

이번에는 나무 대신 가지를 넣어 보았다. 이제 사슴을 위한 공간을 충분히 확보하고도 나무를 거꾸로 서 있게 표현할 수 있게 되었다. (사슴은 구성을 시험하기 위해 간략히만 그렸다.) 대신 나무는 작고 약해 보인다. 그래서 큰 홍수가 났던 것처럼 보이지 않는다.

한 가지 진전은 나무가 어딘가에 부러져서 매달려 있는 대신 떠내려 오는 모습으로 그린 것이다. 그러면 나무가 어디에 매달려 있는지 표현하지 않아도 된다는 장점이 있다 (습작 2의 어색한 벼랑을 참고). 다음 버전에서는 나무를 다시 크게 하고 떠내려 오는 모습으로 그릴까 한다.

이렇게 최근에 만든 세 버전을 모두 올렸다. 독자들께는 어떤 버전이 나아 보이는지, 각 버전의 느낌에 어떤 차이가 나는지 궁금하다.

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16 thoughts on “Study for “Return”, All 3 Versions / “귀환”을 위한 습작, 3가지 모두”

  1. Compositionally, the second is strongest but the roots may be distracting. I like the first one the best. The tree’s situation is unimportant. If someone interprets it as a flood or not may be important to you – or not. The first one doesn’t tell you either way. For me, the overall dynamics of the picture are the first point.

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    1. I agree that the dynamics is important. I guess I am fixated in a particular image and story I have in mind. It is tantalizing, since I feel it so closely… But at some point I’ll have to let the drawing speak.

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  2. In 1 and 2 the deer looks as if it’s moving. No. 1 feels quite intense with the clise up, no. 2 in comparison feels remote and therefore more perilous for the deer. I can’t decide between 1 and 2. I lke the front twist on the first one too

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    1. Thank you for your concrete feedback! I can see that the twist and the close-up give intensity to the first one – I like that part. I am hoping to make it such that the tree conveys the peril of the day before, so that the drawing can be about the phase of return.

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  3. A different composition again! This seems a bit more abstract, but you do get more of a sense of the deer swimming against the flood water. I like the greater degree of sketchiness as well, but that is just me I expect. I’m torn between 2 & 3. Looking forward to number 4 😊!

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    1. Thank you, Andy! As you can see, I’m struggling with the composition for now, but I am hoping to become freer in expression as I get more comfortable with the subject. Yes, hopefully a bit so in the next version..! 🙂


    1. Thank you – and I see. Yes, the deer is the protagonist so it deserves the focus. I’ve been preoccupied with the story I have in mind but I guess the deer is the centerpiece of the story.


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