Drawing “Tranquil” / ‘고요한’ 그리기

Tranquil is drawn after a tree in Coe Fen. On fine afternoons, the tree stands with a glow of sunshine on its back. In the photo, you can see it is growing new twigs, that almost look like saplings, from its limb lying on the left. Surrounded with lush vegetation, it looks as though it symbolizes resilience.

In the drawing, I omitted all leaves and abstracted out the background, to focus on the form of the tree’s body. While I followed what was compelled by visual composition, I wonder how that changed the substance. To me, compared to the real-life model, the tree’s situation seems more desolate—as some of you suggested—, as if the whole tree and its surroundings are burned down. Its ultimate victory, which in fact happened, is suggested only in spirit. I wonder how you feel.

I want to try another version of the tree. My challenge is to keep the spirit of hope (and perhaps the leaves) without ruining the composition. I may modify the form, but I’d like to keep the original tree’s intuitive appeal and subtlety. That’s a lot to wish for, so I would appreciate any recommendation for works to model after.

고요한‘은 코펜에 있는 나무를 그린 것이다. 맑은 오후면 나무는 햇볕을 후광으로 이고 빛난다. 사진을 보면, 왼쪽에 있는 줄기에서 잔가지가 마치 어린 나무처럼 자라고 있는 것을 볼 수 있다. 무성한 수풀에 둘러싸여, 나무는 끈기와 생명력의 상징같아 보인다.

그림에서는 줄기의 형태에 초점을 맞추기 위해 잎과 주변을 모두 생략하고 간소화했다. 구도를 위한 선택이었지만, 내용에도 영향을 끼친 것 같다. 원래 나무에 비해 그림의 나무는 – 독자들 중에서도 지적했듯이 – 더 쓸쓸해 보인다. 나무와 주변이 모두 타버린 것 같아 보인다. 나무가 결국 승리했다는 사실은 희미하게 시사될 뿐이다. 독자들은 어떻게 느끼시는지 궁금하다.

나무를 다시 한 번 그려보고 싶다. 희망의 기운(과 이파리들)을 살리면서 구도를 어지럽히지 않는 것이 과제다. 형태를 변형할 수도 있지만, 원래 나무의 직관적이고 미묘한 느낌도 남기고 싶다. 어려운 과제이니만큼 참고할 만한 작품이 있으면 추천 부탁드린다.

Painting & photo by YK, 2018

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loves drawing surreal everyday objects.

12 thoughts on “Drawing “Tranquil” / ‘고요한’ 그리기”

    1. Thank you – I think you are right. The tree looked different this morning because light was coming from a different angle. I should study it more.


    1. Thank you, Jacob! Yes, there is that sense of tranquility. I agree that the tree would have its gracefulness even if it died – as it looks so in the drawing. Perhaps it looked so on the first winter after it fell.

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