Me and my spirit / 나와 내 영혼

Encouraged after our first collaboration, my daughter and I worked on another story. Again she wrote the story, and I illustrated it:

One fall evening couldn’t be more peculiar. The sky was grey with weird bits of bobs that looked like hard bits of rock.

My spirit tugged my sleeve. I sensed she was scared. Since I was scared, too, I broke into a run. But as I did, something most extraordinary happened. My body slowly rose off the ground. It was so silent you could even hear a feather drop off a bird’s wing. A second later, I was in a different world.

The sky wasn’t grey any more. It was the most creamy type of yellow you could ever see. As I describe this, the smell was unbreathable. Even though the smell was disgusting, I decided to find something or someone to entertain me. As I lifted my head up, I was shocked to see a funky looking eye staring at me. It was big and floating. Something about it made me scared. At least I had my spirit inside me to keep me going. I finally made up my mind to ask:

“What’s your name, and what are you doing here?”

After a short silence, it said:

“Why should I tell you?”

The voice reminded me of a robot that was almost rusted.

“I don’t see why not. I’ll start first. My name is Roberta Smith Jenkins. But of course you’ll say your own name.

“I don’t know what I’m doing here with my spirit. You see I’m new to this country. Can’t you show me around?”

All this talking was making my throat dry.

“My nam i 1BZA47. Im hee fo a inaor”

I guessed he said “I am here for an invader.” But who would it be?

My legs had pins and needles in them, so I decided to stand up. Just then, I heard a siren and to my surprise, I was stuck in a red blob!

– Written by EK, illustrated by YK

첫번째 협동작품 뒤에 힘을 얻어, 딸이 쓰고 내가 그림을 그린 또다른 이야기이다:

어느 가을 저녁은 더할 나위 없이 이상했다. 하늘은 돌조각을 흩어놓은 듯 잿빛이었다.

내 영혼이 소매를 끌었다. 영혼이 겁먹은 것을 알았다. 나도 무서웠기 때문에 달리기 시작했다. 그러는 동안, 이상한 일이 일어났다. 몸이 땅에서 점점 떠오르기 시작한 것이다. 너무 조용해서, 새 날개에서 깃털이 떨어지는 것도 들렸을 것이다. 금세, 나는 다른 세상에 와 있었다.

하늘은 더이상 잿빛이 아니었다. 가장 크림색같은 노랑이라고 해야 할 것이다. 냄새가 맡을 수 없이 지독했다. 냄새는 고약했지만, 같이 놀 사람이나 물건을 찾기로 했다. 고개를 들자, 희한하게 생긴 눈이 나를 쳐다보고 있어 깜짝 놀랐다. 크고 떠다니는 눈이었다. 어쩐지 무서웠다. 그래도 내 속에 영혼이 있어 용기를 낼 수 있었다. 큰 맘을 먹고 물었다:

“이름이 뭐니? 뭐 하고 있니?”

잠시 후, 눈이 대답했다:

“내가 왜 대답해야 하지?”

녹슨 로봇 같은 목소리였다.

“대답 안 할 이유는 없는 것 같아. 나부터 시작할게. 나는 로버타 스미스 젠킨스야. 물론 너도 네 이름을 말해주겠지. 난 여기서 내 영혼과 함께 뭘 하고 있는지 모르겠어. 이 나라에 처음인데 안내를 부탁해도 될까?”

말하느라 목이 건조해지고 있었다.

“내 이르은 1BZA47 야. 나느 치입자 때무에 와어”

아마 “나는 침입자 때문에 왔어”라고 한 것 같았다. 하지만 침입자가 누구일까?

다리가 쑤셔서 일어나기로 했다. 그때, 사이렌이 울리고, 눈 깜짝할 사이에 나는 붉은 방울 안에 갇혀 버렸다!

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    1. Thanks so much, Anna! My daughter’s also excited about sharing her work with the public audience. I think the motivation it provides is really important, just as it is to me as an adult.

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