Full Speed (criss-cross) / 앞으로 앞으로 (옆으로 옆으로)

I started this one with a serious tone, but it wasn’t fun – it felt like being absorbed in a problem, without being able to observe it. So I made a new version with a lighter (nonchalant?) touch. I also added a company, because I thought the protagonist can’t be alone in his struggle. Which version do you like better?

그림을 시작할 때는 심각한 분위기로 잡았는데, 재미가 없었다. 문제를 바라보기보다 문제에 파묻히는 것 같았기 때문이다. 그래서 더 가볍고 어쩌면 무심한 듯한 분위기로 그려보았다. 주인공 혼자서 겪는 문제는 아닐 것 같아서, 사람도 하나 더 넣었다. 어느 버전이 더 좋으신지 궁금하다.

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loves drawing surreal everyday objects.

6 thoughts on “Full Speed (criss-cross) / 앞으로 앞으로 (옆으로 옆으로)”

      1. Great. I’m glad you liked it! They are flat colors (without brush strokes, for example) so I tried to make them interesting by trying combinations that were more unusual for me. 🙂

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