Hanging On

I plan to submit it to a regional call for artworks under a theme “Home”. Please let me know if you have feedback so I can make a last minute change. I think I will make the background denser for now.

YK 2019.


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loves drawing surreal everyday objects.

6 thoughts on “Hanging On”

    1. Thank you, Claudia! That is helpful. I’m happy that it conveys a good feeling, but I think I will also make some adjustments. The call is for an exhibition to support homeless people, and my intention was to picture a situation that is precarious – with gibbons hanging on a tree that is ready to fall from a stool – while avoiding obvious choices such as using sad colors for the harsh situation. But I think I may have gone a bit too far with the latter. While I like the vividness, given the theme, perhaps a bit more gravity is due than is there now. I posted another study with different colors, and I wonder what you would think about it in comparison with this one.

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