Compare Colors: Home

In the above, I tried colors different from the previous one (below), which was more vivid. The call is for an exhibition for homeless people, and I think some gravity is due. I still don’t want to make it taken for granted by expressing gravity with sad colors, so I’m trying to find a right balance. What do you think – how would you compare this one with the previous one (below)?

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8 thoughts on “Compare Colors: Home”

  1. I like the new one better because it is so bold and more stepping forward, visually. I don’t think the fact that the event is related to homelessness means the art needs to be muted in mood, though. It seems to me the focus of your art can be on the joy of having a home and the hope of it in the future vs. the present state of still seeking one. Maybe I’m getting too far off base here but I saw the helping hand aspect as the main theme I took away from it. I really think either image is a good one.

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    1. Thank you, Claudia! Strangely, I was taking the helping hand for granted “since” I was imagining it’s between mom and cub (even though that’s one of the principal images that drove this piece). Also the hope of finding one is certainly important and ideally I would like to make the impetus stand out by giving a contrast between present & future. I posted a new version where I changed the background in that direction.


  2. I like the newer one. It’s bolder and simpler compared to the first. The medium for the first one is the problem – it is too sketchy and feels incomplete. The idea is great for your theme – I would never have thought of it – and I think it speaks on many levels.

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    1. Thank you very much! I experimented colors digitally for this one, and perhaps it’s bolder and simpler thanks to that difference in the media. I agree that the first one feels too sketchy. I posted a new one where I repainted the background. I still left the gibbon untouched (largely because I want to be cautious because the deadline is today). I’d appreciate if you can let me know if it still looks unfinished.


    1. Thank you, Graham! The idea of submitting both hadn’t struck me although I knew I can submit up to three, but now I think I should just submit both. Today is the deadline, and I repainted the background of the first one to make it look finished. I’m still debating whether I’ll need to retouch gibbons to make them look finished, too. I posted the repainted version, and I’d appreciate your thoughts if you have time!

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