Reading: Thaw Out Your Lonely Heart


There’s something puzzling about this painting (by Claudia) with otherwise ordinary-looking composition. There’s a moon and a pond, in which there’s a reflection of… Wait. It can’t be the moon! The direction is wrong, and it’s too warm.

So the moon should have been a source of warmth, but it’s turned cold, rimmed with ailing green. That seems why the trees are wavering and in need of thawing. They are standing together but they are lonely—their common ground is painted cold. But warmth is coming from outside the view. It’s so overwhelming it drenches the whole meadow and the sky. Lots of stories in the rich palette.

(painting by Claudia McGill, reposted with permission)

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loves drawing surreal everyday objects.

2 thoughts on “Reading: Thaw Out Your Lonely Heart”

  1. Wow. You’ve given my painting so much study and thought. Thank you. And I read your analysis with interest. As you know, when you create something it’s hard or impossible to separate what is actually visible to viewers in the work and what your intentions were to portray. The inner vision can’t be separated from the actual, but paradoxically of course they can, because viewers can only work with what they see, not what was in your head. Reading your analysis, I am feeling the painting is a vehicle of communication from me to you. Not a new idea of course, but very meaningful to me when applied to my own work. I hope this makes sense! Thank you so much.

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  2. Thank you, Claudia. How nice you felt like communication was made. For me, painting has been a means for communication more than for decoration, although I’m realizing the importance of the latter more and more. I also think vehicles of communication often needs to be imperfect reflection of our minds, just like maps are of the world. But that’s just another reason why it’s amazing when we feel like some of the original transpires.


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