“Home” Art Exhibition Open!

I’m glad to tell you that I had two of my pieces accepted at “Home” Art Exhibition. It’s held to support refugees and homeless people, and today we had a reception. It was inspiring and humbling to see works and performances of refugees themselves, as well as other artists.

As of my works, first, thanks for your support while I was submitting them. The gibbons didn’t make it, but my earlier works on experiences of moving home did. Here are the pieces, and the accompanying labels:


Lawful Evacuation

This is about the too-common experience of having to move home involuntarily without a particular wrongdoing. The objects can be found in any living room, where they would sit peaceful and harmonious, but one may feel they are thrown into a sea of uncertainties when they have to move.



Grandma Comfy Ready to Move

Moving can feel like starting a new life, and ending the old one. Here, a welcoming recliner, “Grandma Comfy”, is disassembled for move. She is sitting there as if she is fine. She looks ready for her next life, to greet the family again, in a new place.

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loves drawing surreal everyday objects.

4 thoughts on ““Home” Art Exhibition Open!”

  1. Congratulations. I am happy your work was included and your stories told. I love the Grandma Comfy picture and story – the chair became a personality in your drawing and she does look like she is trusting that the new place will suit her well. I have lived in my current city for 40 years, but I came here from another part of the US (my own decision, not as part of a family as a child, so I was on my own) and I recall very well how making a new home took effort and had many lonely times. Especially back then when it was not as easy to find out about events or the like, since the internet did not exist. Your top picture reminded me of this time in my life.


    1. Thank you, Claudia! Grandma Comfy indeed looks happy in our new place, sitting in the sunniest part of the flat. 🙂 I do feel much lonelier and somewhat powerless when I am new to a place and I guess the period would have been much longer in the past. I used to dream about nomadic lives but as I’m living that way I do get to wonder when I would be able to settle and worry less about saying goodbyes. For me for now, a label in the exhibition read defiant: “No longer growing roots but learning to drop anchor” (http://camcrag.org.uk/homeart/#zadissa)

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      1. I am a root-seeking kind of person and have known this all my life – many factors have brought me in this direction. But I have also thought my ideal life would be – I sign up for the USS Enterprise, leave town, never look back, and see the universe. Of course, in that case, I’d be taking my home along with me, home being the ship. Well, it’s not the 24th century so I am not faced with the situation. I do like the anchor quote, it’s given me something to think about in the context of what is home.

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