Night Ride

… or jump?

Sketched on site at Espresso Library which has bikes hanging from the ceiling.

Modified, inked, and colored afterwards.

YK 2020.

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loves drawing surreal everyday objects.

9 thoughts on “Night Ride”

    1. Thank you, Graham, and yes, I guess! I sometimes try to remember how acrobats would do things. But obviously in art even wilder things are allowed and only my imagination is the limit.

      It’s great you liked the washes – I was in constant fear of getting it too weak or too strong because I can’t undo a stroke with watercolour. Do you have any tips to make it a bit less hazardous?

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      1. Not sure what you mean here, Yul. If you want to undo some of the watercolour wash – providing you’ve used waterproof ink – just place the whole thing under cold running water and agitate the problem section with a brush. The stiffer the brush the more you remove. Dry and reapply the wash.
        With specks in a fine wash I remove by gentle scraping with a scalpel and then softening the existing wash back in with a clean stiff brush.There are a myriad of ways to correct and I use most of them.
        If you’re uncertain as to doing the wash in the first place – mix plenty of colour and try it out on some scrap first – something I could do more of…

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      2. I’ve tried the last one and I guess I should do that more. The second sounds like a good way, too.

        Regarding the first, I’m not sure if my paper would withstand running water – it’s Canson mix media 224g, so not really thin but it already started to weaken when I was doing this piece with wet-on-wet.

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  1. I thought that you were on watercolour paper. Still, you could try the process on another sheet and see how it goes. Ideally you need to be working on a fully sized watercolour paper. They are very robust and take a lot of stick – and correction. Make sure it isn’t surface sized as doing what I suggest will end up in disaster – but most wc papers are fully sized. I use Arche 140lb not for my work.

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  2. It would be better to work on watercolour paper, though you could try the exercise of paint removal on a spare piece of Canson. The other factor is whether the sizing goes all the way through the Canson. If it is surface sized then you could get into a lot of trouble. I use Arches 140lb not. That is fully sized and takes all the hammer I give it.

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    1. I see. Thank you for the information! I’m looking up the different kinds of watercolour paper and learning. I had dismissed such distinction so far, but I’m realising that unless I take care, it can be a limiting factor for full fledged experiments.

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