Published on The Mays Anthology/ ‘5월 선집’에 출판

My illustration is included in this year’s Mays Anthology, an annual anthology of artworks/writings of Cambridge & Oxford people published by The Varsity!

If you are interested in having a wacky (or normal, if you prefer) illustration to accompany your articles, I’m all ears… 🙂

예전에 그린 일러스트레이션이 매년 캠브리지/옥스포드 사람들의 글과 그림을 골라 출판하는 “5월 선집”에 포함되어 출판되었다. 편집장 서문에 따르면 “두 대학에 대한… 신화를 깨어 보는” 모음이라는데 내 그림도 한몫 보탠 셈이다. 글에 엉뚱한 그림을 곁들이고 싶으시다면 연락 부탁드린다.

Best of 2019

Last year, I drew with dip pens and sketched more on site. I also tried weaving in stories, be it on science or others.

Next year, I’d like to try one-cut cartoons, starting from re-drawing classics, and hopefully at some point weaving in more from my day job, neuroscience and cognitive science. I know this part of my resolution is the same as last year’s. I found it difficult to start from vacuum, and that’s why I want to start from reinterpreting existing works.

What’s your new year’s resolution?

Links to the original:

  1. Reflection
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  3. Build
  4. Jack O’Lantern Sleeping Rough
  5. Hanging On
  6. Horgous
  7. An Unexpected View
  8. Full Speed (Criss-Cross)
  9. Boxer at Rest

Best of 2018

Best of 2018. This year, I started using pen + pastel and tried photomontage. Next year, I want to try freer styles and hopefully incorporate stories from my day job – neuroscience. Thank you all for subscribing. Have good holidays & a happy new year!

2018년의 베스트. 올해에는 펜과 파스텔을 함께 쓰기 시작했고, 몽타주를 시도해 보았습니다. 내년에는 더 자유로운 스타일과 뇌과학에서 가져온 이야기를 시도해 보고 싶습니다. 구독 감사합니다. 새해 복 많이 받으세요!