Bat-man virus / 박쥐, 돼지, 우리들

I made an illustration for an article on COVID. Following is a summary of the article:

Before COVID-19, there was a Nipah virus outbreak in 1998, where almost 1 million pigs were shoved into pits and killed because they transmitted the virus, which they likely contracted from fruit bats. Why humans and bats (the two mammals capable of #flight), and farmed animals are well-positioned to share viruses, and why it may be getting worse. Illustration for an article written by my wife, D. Susie Lee, to appear on Catholic Review, September-October 2020 issue.

코로나바이러스에 관한 기사에 곁들일 삽화를 그렸다. 다음은 기사의 개요:

코비드19 이전, 1998년 니파 바이러스 사태 때에는 백만 마리에 달하는 돼지들이 살처분되었다. 과일박쥐에게서 온 것으로 추정되는 바이러스를 사람에게 옮겼기 때문이었다. 사람, 박쥐 (비행하는 포유류들), 가축들이 왜 바이러스를 공유하기 적합하며 왜 그 추세가 더 악화되고 있는지에 관하여. 아내 이수지가 쓴 가톨릭 평론 9-10월호에 실릴 글에 곁들일 삽화.

YK 2020.

Friday after Friday / 월화수목금금금

On trying to be productive during lockdown. How is it going for you?

코로나 기간의 효율 내기, 어떠신가요?

(See Instagram for the process video.)

YK 2020.

Night Ride

… or jump?

Sketched on site at Espresso Library which has bikes hanging from the ceiling.

Modified, inked, and colored afterwards.

YK 2020.


— out of the cloud.

YK 2019.

Rocky beach with …

Can’t help but wonder.

YK 2019.

A Place For…

What would you like to do here? Frisbee? Lunch? Conference?

Drawn thinking about places mentioned in Alain de Botton’s works.

YK 2019.


YK 2019.

(Caption me!)

At San Marco Cafe in Trieste. I added the tap and the child by whim.

Sorry for the long pause! I had several conferences to prepare for. At least now I’m on vacation.