Friday after Friday / 월화수목금금금

On trying to be productive during lockdown. How is it going for you?

코로나 기간의 효율 내기, 어떠신가요?

(See Instagram for the process video.)

YK 2020.

Talking strong / 센 척일까

When you are not as sure as you may appear.

보이는 것만큼은 자신이 없을 때.

YK 2020.

Life drawing

Life drawing at ARCSOC. It was hard for me to render my own perspective as I was busy trying to capture the individuality of the model and the pose. I often feel similar trade-off between the artist’s style and the uniqueness of the object. (Compare, for example, Picasso’s early, realistic paintings vs. his late cubist paintings.) I wish I could find a way to capture both. Do you feel such tension when you draw? If so, how do you deal with it?

Memory of an early morning / 어느 날 이른 아침

I sketched this one on site with pencil, but inked it only yesterday. I savored the memory of the rugged interior of the cave illuminated by the waves as I filled it in with hashes.

Night Ride

… or jump?

Sketched on site at Espresso Library which has bikes hanging from the ceiling.

Modified, inked, and colored afterwards.

YK 2020.

Beauty Today, Beast Tomorrow?

Recent events reminded me of the flight of an insect-like drone reported last year in Nature. As I watched the small machine flapping its delicate wings toward the light, its energy source (YouTube link), I felt as though I was watching the first steps of a baby. At the same time, I couldn’t help but wonder what it would grow into: a nimble rescuer, or a killer under unexpected circumstances?

YK 2020.


YK 2019.

Jack O’Lantern Sleeping Rough

A ‘ghost’ – an invisible neighbor.

YK 2019.