The Creative Momentum

A mural in Montréal. The book the writer is standing on is titled:

“L’Élan Créateur”
(The Creative Momentum)

and next to the book, it reads:

“Celui qui va pensif, voit les choses, les nomme…”

which, according to Google, means:

“The one who goes thoughtful, sees things, names them…”

(poem by Albert Ferland)

I’m visiting for CogSci 2019 – Montréal feels like Tribeca, albeit more spacious and French.

Reliefs for Olympus / 올림푸스를 위한 부조

(photo by YK / NYC 2017)

“Save the rust,” I imagined, “wouldn’t it look almost too luxurious for a kitchen to have lids like those on the lowly streets for its containers, made of metal thick beneath the name of the contents engraved in relief, unless the kitchen belongs to, say, Olympus?”

‘녹만 빼면’, 하고 상상해 보았다: ‘길바닥에 있는 저런 뚜껑을 부엌에서 쓰면 너무 호사스러워 보이지 않을까, 그렇게 두터운 금속에 내용물 이름을 새긴다면? 올림푸스 신전 부엌이면 모를까.’

(in response to Weekly Photo Challenge – Experimental)