Shadow play / 그림자 놀이

with a red candle can and a mobile phone flashlight.
빨간 쇠 촛불통과 휴대폰 조명.

YK 2020.

Silent revolution.

YK 2019.

Remix – Soon / 곧

A remix of “Soon“. Which one do you like better, the remix or the original (below)?


“의 리믹스입니다. 어느 버전이 더 좋으세요?

A place that was not my home / 내 집이 아니었던 곳

2018 YK

Breathing / 숨쉬는

YK 2018.

Sunflowers / 해바라기

YK 2018.

Burst / 활짝

Flowers. Antony Gormley. Atoms of moments.

꽃, 안토니 곰리, 순간의 조각들.

2018 YK.

Grandma Comfy Ready to Move / 푸근이 할머니 이사 준비

Loved one. Transformed. Looks different. For now.

YK 2018.