Halloween for Beans / 콩의 할로윈

Every Halloween, people wear as scary creatures, presumably laughing away the fear that way. So I made several drawings where different creatures wear as what scares them.

This one is for beans. The mask is inspired by a Cameroon mask of a cow.

Drawn at “Let’s Draw Together – Halloween for Creatures” meetup of Imaginative Illustrators of NYC.

할로윈이면 사람들이 무서운 것들로 분장하곤 하는데, 두려움을 그렇게 웃어넘기는 게 아닌가 싶었다. 그래서 여러 생물들이 자기에게 무서운 것으로 분장하는 그림들을 그려 보았다.

여기서는 콩을 그렸다. 마스크는 카메룬 소 마스크에서 따왔다.

Imaginative Illustrators of NYC의 “온갖 것들의 할로윈” 모임에서 그렸다.

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loves drawing surreal everyday objects.

5 thoughts on “Halloween for Beans / 콩의 할로윈”

    1. I should add that as someone from outside the US, I found it curious that there is a day devoted to dressing up as scary and gory as possible. So I looked up Wikipedia, and read that it originated from All Hallow’s Evening, during which the wall between different worlds is said to be thinned. While the fun of dressing up was understandable from the beginning, only then I saw why people would dress up mostly as scary creatures (although not everyone may be aware of the origin.)

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